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Have You Been Looking For A Firewood Lift?
Take a look below at our dumbwaiter products. Our firewood dumbwaiter is offered at a GREAT price. If you are looking for a automatic dumbwaiter or a firewood dumbwaiter, you will find we have what you need. We invite you to click on the links or pictures below for more detailed information on our firewood lift selections.
PowerLift 200-Light Commercial Dumbwaiter
Our PowerLift 200 is a great Firewood Lift! It is bigger than our PowerLift 100 Residential Dumbwaiter allowing it to carry firewood more easily from floor to floor. With our PowerLift 200 Lift, you can now eliminate the dirty and dangerous task of carrying firewood in & out of the house.  Just load & press the button. Also see our Grocery Lift, Laundry Lift and Custom Dumbwaiters.

PowerLift 200
Starting at $4,095.00
Above price does not include shipping
Custom Car Size Available
30" x 30" x 30" High
Custom car sizes can be made up to a maximum of 30 x 30 x 30" high
at no additional charge
Our shaft consist of stackable units made out of .065 metal tubing frame the inside shaft is lined with with 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal and backed with one inch insulation.  Stack the dumbwaiter in place and surround with standard construction.
Standard Features
Power coated car, rail assembly and trolley
2 Call/Send Stations
2 Door Locks with Door Safety Switches and Access Door Safety Switch
Note: all low voltage wiring is done for you, with easy plug ins.
Adjustable Limits. Note: The limits are preset to your specs but are easily adjustable in the field
3/4 HP- 110v Motor
Dumbwaiter can be manufactured to open on any three sides.
Bottom or Top Motor Mount
Capacity: 200lbs
Size 41 Roller Chain (1500 LBS Tensile Breaking Strength)
5 Year Warrany
UL# (233908)
US PATENT # 6,167,670 B1
Additional Options Available
ASME 17.1 package available
3 or 4 Stop Models Available
Top and Bottom Final Limits Available
Car Gate Available
Bi-parting Car Gates Available
Car Here Lights Available
Keyed On/Off Switch Available
Stainless Steel Cars Available
Elevator Interlocks Available
240v-3/4 HP Motor Available
European Markets Available
Metal Access Door and Hoistway Doors Avaiable
Powder Coated Car Panels available

This picture shows our external Firewood Lift. 
They are ideal for carrying firewood from ground level to deck.

This picture shows our Firewood Lift which brings firewood
from ground level up to the fireplace. 
This customer has a stainless steel dumbwaiter car.

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