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Have You Been Looking For Dumbwaiter Systems?
Take a look below at our 2 stop dumbwaiter products. Our dumbwaiter kits are offered at GREAT prices. If you are looking for dumbwaiter kits or a 2 stop dumbwaiter, you will find we have what you need. We invite you to click on the links or pictures below for more detailed information on our dumbwaiter systems.
Our patented dumbwaiter is a completely assembled unit with it's own shaft. Patent No. US 6,167,670 B1
Once at a job site the dumbwaiter can be assembled and operating in as little as an hour with the installation of a qualified craftsman. After installation, just frame around the dumbwaiter with standard construction.
Installation of finish push buttons and door safety switches takes about half an hour.  All wiring for push buttons and door safety switches is low voltage and installation can be accomplished with a qualified craftsman.  All push button controls and safety switches are included.  Also see our Laundry Lift , Firewood Lift , Custom Dumbwaiters and the Frame only Dumbwaiter.

Our 2 Stop Patented Dumbwaiter Shaft assembled at jobsite.

Our 2 Stop Patented Shaft framed in with standard construction.
Dumbwaiters For The Home
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